Student Induction

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  1. Register an account on using your primary email address. If you have an existing account log in with your account details. 

  2. Go to the My Details page and complete/update the form on each of the the General, Social Welfare, Education, My Status and Further Details tabs. 

  3. Please ensure that you use your correct PPS Number and personal details. 

  4. Use the downloadable guide below or watch the short video below for further ainformation

Download Guide:

2023-2024 BIFE Guide for Learners and Applicants - Applying Online for a Course Using

Video Guide:

Induction Forms 2023/2024

Learner Handbook 2023/2024


The BIFE Learner Handbook is a useful guide containing general college information as well as important services and policies

Access via the browser - Click here
Download - Click here

Useful Videos