Societies and Sports (2023 - 2024)

Societies and Sports are established and co-ordinated by students.  The best way to join is to click the join link and submit your details to the promotor.  The promoter will contact you.  Alternatively, just attend the Society or Sport on the day, time and place as shown.


Monday of Meaning

  • A study group on meaning, in a age of of excessive bull****
  • Promotor: Luke Keane
  • Get involved: Monday, 4:00pm, Room 15
  • Join Monday of Meaning Here

Calisthenics & Rock Climbing


  • Promotor: Meiqin Wang
  • Get involved: Day, Time and Room TBC
  • Join Chess Here

Christian Union

Cultural Society


  • Promotor: Kira Xue
  • Get involved: Thursday, 12:00pm, Room Dance Studio
  • Join Dance Here

DJ Society

Dungeons and Dragons

Film Club

  • Promotor: Hugh Fennessy
  • Get involved: Wednesday, 4:00pm to 5:30pm and Room 10
  • Join Film Club Here

Music Performance

Music Production


Running Club

Table Tennis