Guidance Counselling

The Institute provides professional Adult Career Guidance and a confidential Counselling service to all learners. The Guidance Counsellor provides advice on career and education options. The Guidance Counsellor is also available to help with other issues which arise all too often in the stressful world of today.

Learning Support

BIFE, is an equal opportunities Further Education and Training (FET) college and welcomes applications from students with additional needs. 

The Institute endeavours to ensure that appropriate facilities and services are available to allow full access and participation for all learners as far as is practical and having regard to the resources available to the Institute. Applicants with special requirements should notify the Institute at time of application and at interview and arrange to speak to the Student Support Officer. Early contact with the Student Support Officer is vital as there is an application procedure to follow and this will facilitate the provision of such services from the beginning of the year. 

Further information can be found in the following downloads:

BIFE Student Support Services

Students Union

The Institute encourages learners to participate fully in the Students’ Union. Learners from each department elect representatives to this Union. The Union meets regularly to discuss issues related to learners needs. The Management Team regularly meets with the Students’ Union and values its contribution to the Institute.


The Institute will provide, on request, a list of accommodation offered locally to learners. The Institute does not endorse any such accommodation listed but learners may find it useful. All arrangements are between the provider and the learner.

Job Placement Service

The Institute maintains excellent relationships with many employers. Local and national employers from time to time inform us of job vacancies and these details are passed on to the Department Heads and are posted on the Careers Notice Board. Work Experience is an integral part of most courses in the Institute and learners are given advice on preparing for work experience. In addition learners will receive help in preparing Curriculum Vitae and interview techniques.