Where can I go for information on potential funding for my studies?

The website Student Finance is the go to website for information on funding your studies. 

Where can I go to apply for a grant?

The website SUSI is where you can go to apply for grants.

Am I eligible to receive a SUSI grant?

The SUSI website also has an eligibility criteria and reckoner on their Am I Eligible...? page.

Am I eligible for the Back to Education scheme?

 To check your eligibility you can visit Social Welfare Back to Education Allowance.

Am I eligible for the VTOS scheme?

To check your eligibility you can visit Social Welfare VTOS

I require evidence that I have been offered a place at BIFE for my Grant/BTEA/VTOS application where can i get it?

The institute will send you out an offer letter which you can use for your initial application you may also be required to produce a statement which you can print off when you log in to the BIFE website using your login details.