Conditions for Enrolment
  1. Enrolment may be processed for a friend or relative provided it is with their consent.
  2. Formation of classes: Classes are only formed when numbers warrant it. If not viable, fees may, with students’ consent, be adjusted upwards to suit lower demand.
  3. Discipline: The student, upon enrolment, subscribes to the regulations and is then bound to observe them. (Outlined on the bife website
  4. Student property: Responsibility cannot be accepted for any loss or damage to the property of students. This includes motor cars, motorcycles and bicycles on the campus.
  5. Fees must be paid in full before students enter class and are non-0refundable unless a class does not form. Refunds are lodged to the customer’s bank account or refunded online following cancelation of the class. Fees do not include cost of materials, examination fees or registration with professional institutes where relevant.
  6. Transfers may only be negotiated through the Enrolment Centre
  7. The director or Adult Education reserves the right to close a class or vary its hours if it is deemed necessary based on the needs of the Institution. (See points 2 & 5 above)
  8. Smoking is prohibited by law in any part of the Centre
How to Apply Online

Step By Step Guide To Enrolling in Night School Course Online

Visit the BIFE (Bray Institute of Further Education) Website

At the top of the page in the search bar click on the “Part Time” Tab

Now Click on the Evening Classes Link

Select the course you wish to Enroll in from the list to view more information about the course

Next simply click on the “BOOK YOUR EVENING CLASS HERE” button

This will bring you to our partner website for secure payment,

then select the course you wish to apply for

                Now click on the Apply button in the bottom right corner

This will open an application form for you to fill out (Please fully complete all elements of the form) including the tick boxes, as not fully completing the form will stop the completion of your application.

Next click the “PROCEED TO PAYMENT” Button in the bottom right corner of the page

This will bring you to a credit card payment screen

You must have the relevant app on your mobile associated with the Card Used, as a verification check will need to be accepted (through the app)

Please fill out the details as required and proceed with the payment. Upon completion of payment you will receive an email notification of payment and a method to log into your new account

Class Schedule for Autumn 2024

Course Week Number

Autumn Term 2024 

Course Status 

1 23rd September Open
2 30th September Open

7th October 


14th October 


21st October 

Bank Holiday

28th October 


4th November 


11th November 


18th November 


25th November 


2nd December 

Extra Week

9th December 

(catchup night for missed classes) 

Please Note: All Dates are subject to change