• Code:ND
  • Certification CompTIA A+ and QQI Level 5 Certificate
  • Duration One Year


This course leads to the CompTIA A+ certification, which has very wide recognition nationally and internationally. The programme teaches computer maintenance and software support skills as well as networking skills. In addition to the A+, some vital QQI components are also certified on this programme.

Programme of Study

  • CompTIA A+
  • 5N2929 Networking Essentials
  • 5N2928 Operating Systems
  • 5N0548 Computer systems Hardware
  • 5N18396 Maths for Computing
Entry Requirements

  • Leaving Certificate or its equivalent with minimum entry requirement Ordinary Level Maths. Extenuating circumstances may be considered. 
  • Leaving Certificate Applied with a Merit profile  
  • QQI Level 4 Certificate with Merit profile 
Career Opportunities

  • Computer and networks maintenance 
  • Programming,
  • App development  
  • Operating systems 
Higher Education Progression*

  • Most degrees in computer science and related fields will become assessable to this course’s graduates.  Qualified and accurate guidance on how to move to HE is available.  
Course Co-Ordinator


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