How do I apply for a BIFE course?

You can only apply online on the BIFE website.

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When should I apply for a course?

Applications usually begin in mid January, early applications are always advisable to avoid classes filling up and increase your chances of getting a position.

When will I be called for an Interview?

It can take some time to be called for an interview so please be patient. Interviews for different courses take place on different dates so don't be concerned if others are called for interview before you.

I received a date for my interview but I cannot make it that day can I reschedule?

If you cannot attend the interview on the date specified please contact us as soon as possible so we can attempt to reschedule the interview.

What should I bring to my interview?

You will be told on your interview letter what you need to bring to the interview, it is advisable that you bring a short C.V and a reference letter from a teacher or employer. Reference letters from a field directly related to the course are also a great help (e.g a letter from your football club coach when applying for soccer & gym instruction course). If you have any examples of your work for a course like art or graphic design it would be a great way to showcase your work.

I have had my interview when will i know if i got offered a place?

Please allow for a few weeks when awaiting a response. Offers will be sent out by post so please ensure you enter the correct address when applying.

I applied for the wrong course by mistake what do I do?

Don't panic if you applied for the wrong course you can contact us requesting a transfer.