• Course Name: Ukulele for Beginners
  • Day/Time: Monday 7:00pm-9:00pm
  • Duration: 10 Weeks
  • Co-ordinator: Pat Byrne
  • Please Note: a follow-up class will be running in the Spring term.


Discover the joy of playing the ukulele with our exciting Ukulele Course. Designed for beginners, this course provides a comprehensive introduction to the ukulele, teaching you the fundamental skills and techniques needed to play this charming instrument. Develop your ukulele proficiency from the ground up. Starting with the basics, you'll learn proper strumming techniques, chord formations, and essential ukulele-playing techniques. As you progress, you'll explore different strumming patterns, expand your chord knowledge, and delve into playing melodies on the ukulele. 

Join us for the Ukulele Course and immerse yourself in the delightful sounds of this versatile instrument. From strumming catchy tunes to expressing your creativity, this course will ignite your musical journey and bring a smile to your face with every chord you play. 

List of Materials Required for the Course

A Soprano ukulele: Suitable for beginners, children, and those with smaller hands and fingers.

Or a Concert ukulele: Suitable for players of any skill level, but may be more comfortable for those with larger hands and fingers.

You will also need a tuner and notepad and pen

If you are left-handed, inform your music shop supplier and ask to reverse the strings.

Recommend seeking advice in a professional music shop.

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