• Code: MI
  • Certification: BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Music Production (DJ)Level 5 equivalence on NFQ DBDY3
  • Duration: One Year


Welcome to our DJ & Music Production course, where we offer industry-recognized accreditation from BTEC and training from some of the best professional DJs in the business. Our course has been designed to provide aspiring DJs and music producers with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to succeed in the highly competitive music industry.  

Our team of expert instructors includes Sunil Sharpe and Doug Cooney, both highly respected and sought-after DJs who have made a name for themselves in the global music scene. With their guidance and mentorship, our students will learn the art of mixing, mastering, producing, and performing music in a variety of genres, from electronic dance music to hip hop and beyond.  

Our curriculum is comprehensive, covering everything from the fundamentals of music theory to the latest software and hardware tools used by professional DJs and producers. Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment ensure that students receive hands-on training in a realistic and dynamic environment, preparing them for real-world challenges and opportunities.  

Whether you are looking to launch a career in the music industry or simply want to pursue your passion for music, our DJ & Music Production course offers the perfect platform to achieve your goals. Join us today and unlock your potential as a music professional.  


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BIFE DJ Techniques - Past Students

Programme of Study
  • Music Technology Events 
  • Creating Musical Material Through Production 
  • Planning A Career in the Industry
  • Studio Rehearsals

Components subject to change

Entry Requirements

One of the following:

  • Leaving Certificate or its equivalent. Extenuating circumstances may be considered
  • Leaving Certificate Applied
  • Full QQI Level 4 with a merit profile
  • Mature Applicants – experience will be considered in lieu of formal qualifications
Career Opportunities
  • DJ Performance
  • Radio DJ
  • Music Production
  • Event Promotion
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Education & Training
Higher Education Progression*
  • BIFE:   BTEC Higher National Diploma in Music Production Level 6+ equivalence on NFQ
Course Co-Ordinator

Doug Cooney

Where are they now?

Meet BIFE students who have graduated from this course...

Shennen “Doing this course was one of the best decisions I have made in my music career so   far. I have learned so much about the music industry in Ireland and have picked up   many techniques from doing this course. Realistically, I wouldn’t have picked up   producing by myself, so doing this course really gave me the push I needed. Right   now, I’m releasing my own tracks and finally, I’m at a stage where I’m happy with the   tracks I’m releasing, this wouldn’t have been possible without doing this course. I   can’t credit the teachers enough for their positive attitudes towards music and the   knowledge they have within the industry. Most of the knowledge I have now comes   from them! I’m now playing gigs around Ireland and releasing my own tracks consistently. I am looking forward to what happens next in my career. This course got me on my own two feet, and that’s what has led me to where I’m at now.” - Shannen Blessing

"My journey into electronic music began what I started the DJ Techniques course in BIFE. I loved it, learned a lot, met some great people. It was good to have the lecturers there lay out what I needed to know, what I needed to do, to get a head start in music."- Matthew Flanagan (DeFeKT)



"This course has genuinely changed my life and I'm finally doing something I've always wanted to do. Throughout the year I gained the knowledge and experience I needed to set me up to take my place in the music industry here in Ireland. I have successfully set up my own club night, Altered States, which is doing amazingly well, along with my own blog which is also taking off. In the last 2 months I have played in some of the best clubs in Dublin and know that this is only the beginning of my music career. I owe it all to the tutors at BIFE for providing and guiding me with their knowledge to push me to where I am today. I look forward to making my mark on the scene in years to come." - Georgia Murphy

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