• Code: ZB
  • Certification: QQI Level 4  equivalent
  • Duration: One Year


The International Computer Driving Licence, ICDL is one of the most widely recognised computer certificates. It is a very pragmatic approach to learning computing. Learners are assessed individually when they are ready for the tests, each one in turn. Doing it in a group offers all the advantages of collective learning and sharing of information, then the test is in the control of each individual.  


Programme of Study

  • Workforce
  • Professional
  • Insights
  • Digital Citizen
Career Opportunities
  • Employers know and respect this qualification. They understand that the person who holds it will be able to perform a wide range of useful workplace functions. This makes it a strong point for job seekers on a CV.  
Entry Requirements
  • It is necessary to have some familiarity with computing before taking this course on, but anyone comfortable using a standard PC or laptop for ordinary purposes will be able for it.  
Higher Education Progression
  • All HE programmes now require the students to be comfortable and competent computer users. Systems are in place on all HE courses that can be accessed only via ICT skills. Holding the ICDL will put any new HE student in a position of advantage.
Course Coordinator


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