€25 is paid when applying for a course. This money is non refundable


If an applicant is offered a place on a course he/she will have 15 working days to accept his/her place. To secure this place the applicant must pay €350. If applicant decides at a later date to cancel his/her place, this money will be refunded on completion of a refund form which is available at the Institute’s reception on or before the 21st September. All refund form must reach the Institute no later that the 21st September.


The balance of monies due which includes the new Government Tax of €200 and exam fees must be paid by Friday 31st August. If a candidate decides to cancel the place before the 21st September he/she can apply for a refund of this money by filling out a refund form which is available at the Institute’s reception. Refunds will not be made after the 21st September. This decision can be appealed to the principal in exceptional circumstances.

Student Rules, Regulations & Policies

When registered on a course, students must adhere to the rules, regulations and policies of the Institute.

Privacy Policy

Staff of the Institute will respect the confidentiality of sensitive information held by Bray Institute of Further Education.  This would constitute material such as:

  • Personal information
  • Information received in confidence by the Institute
  • Any commercially sensitive information or other information sensitive to the reputation of the Institute
  • Any other material, release of which might constitute an unlawful or unethical act.

Staff will ensure to the extent that it is in their power and remit that the Institute complies with all relevant statutory provisions (eg Data Protection Acts, 1988 and 2003, and the Freedom of Information Act, 1997) as they relate to the Institute.


Courses at Bray Institute of Further education are funded largely by the European Social Fund.There are no tuition costs for Irish or EU citizens undertaking PlC courses. However all students are required to pay the following:

• A booking fee of €25 which must accompany the application

• A Resource* contribution for student services of €350.

• A Government Tax of €200

• Exam fees, the cost of photocopying, field trips and in some cases the cost of registration with professional bodies.

* Resource fees are used as a general fund to maintain the facilities and learning resources for PLC courses including administration and operational requirements