• Code: KF
  • Certification: QQI Level 4 Award in Arts, Crafts (4M2010)
  • Duration: One Year


This is an entry-level Art Craft & Design course. It is for people who have always wanted an opportunity to develop their creative side but who never got a chance. Up to now, no QQI Level 4 award in the arts has been available. This is the first, and it’s been devised by our teachers. This is a guarantee of true authority. No expertise is necessary before starting. The teachers are experts at taking people from the complete-beginner stage to a stage where they are confident and constantly surprising themselves at their own excellent output. In addition, this course serves as a stepping stone to greater achievements at higher levels. It includes, Drawing, Ceramics/Pottery, Mosaics and a wide range of other skills. On top of all that, Marketing is included to help people understand what to do with the finished product once it’s been completed.


Entry Requirements

No previous experience or qualifications are necessary.  This can be taken on by complete beginners.

Career Opportunities

The arts are where independence is more often than not achieved.  People aren’t usually employees; they are self-employed.  The Marketing component assists greatly towards an understanding of how this works.

Course Coordinator


Where are they now?

deirdre darcy"My name is Deirdre Darcy, and I am currently a first year, Fine Art student with BIFE. My journey began when I was living in the North-West of Ireland. After over ten years of working in the hospitality industry, I made the decision to reinvent myself. I moved back East and researched my best options. Soon after I was informed about Bray Adult education centre and the courses they provide. Equipped with only a few ideas and unsure where to start, BAEC welcomed me with open arms. From the beginning they were so accommodating, they challenged me to leave my comfort zone while giving me the confidence to move forward with my work. I was overwhelmed by the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. Their kindness, patience and passion has shaped me into the student I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful." - Deirdre Darcy 

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