BIFE ALUMNI – Their 2020 Vision

Bray Institute of Further Educations (BIFE) invites all past pupils of BIFE to membership of their newly established Alumni.

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to increase the connection past-pupils have with the Institute and provide opportunities to allow them to strengthen their bond with the institute. BIFE would like to encourage all past-pupils to take full advantage of the great programmes and events that the Alumni Association will organise. Their programmes will provide a great opportunity to share their common past, maintain a connection to the Institute and to be kept informed of new courses and events that will take place in the future.

Past-pupils are asked to contact the Alumni at for free tickets to the opening of our forthcoming sound installation “Sonic Chambers (as part of the BIFE Performing Arts Festival) which takes place on Wednesday 29th March at 7pm or the opening of the Art and Design Exhibition on Tuesday 23rd May at 7pm.

“BIFE The 2020 Vision” (2017 – 2020)

As part of their 3-year plan “BIFE The 2020 Vision” (2017 – 2020) BIFE intends to expand its educational and training facilities on the campus and its grounds.  Projects currently planned are:

  • To develop a new state of the art restaurant, which will work in tandem with their new training kitchens, bar and barista facilities
  • To develop an Animal Hospital on the grounds of BIFE, managed by our Animal Care Department that boasts 4 Veterinary Scientists
  • To develop a new Media Centre for Film & TV consisting of TV studios and editing facilities. This Media Centre will also include studios for sound, music and their various performing arts studios such as Dance and Theatre. It will feed into their already dynamic Film, TV and Music facilities and will support the future growth of the Irish Film, TV and Music Industry in the area
  • To develop sports facilities to cater for BIFE’s Sports Department, one of the fastest growing departments in the Institute, facilities which would also cater for the local community needs such as an Astro turf all-weather pitch with both Gaelic and soccer dimensions and a running track.
Get Involved

BIFE would warmly invite graduates to get involved. If you are a past pupil and are interested in nominating yourself to the board of the inaugural Alumni Committee contact the Alumni Association at You may have suggestions for Alumni events in your area or ideas for improving communication. You may be interested in helping plan a reunion for your class. We can help.  If so, please let us know by contacting the Alumni Office. Your suggestions are necessary to ensure we can continue to meet the mission of the Alumni Association.

BIFE plan to hold a black tie event for graduates to mark the 30th anniversary of the Institute in September 2017. We will keep you informed of this event.


Events taking place in the near future are as follows:

  • Open Day Friday 25th August
  • Graduation Ceremony 2017 (Saturday 11th November)