• Code:HZ
  • Certification QQI Level 5 Award in Food Sciences
  • Duration One Year


In order to respond to the current needs of the food industry this Food Science and Nutrition  course aims to educate students in a comprehensive range of disciplines including scientific,  culinary and technological areas, in order to meet with the requirements of nutritional and  functional food industries. Students will learn the fundamental knowledge of food science  and the importance of food safety and nutrition in bringing a product to market. As a food  scientist, you are involved in all aspects of product development. The ultimate goal of this  programme is to ensure that students get practical hands on experience of the food industry  and gain key transferable skills. This course is ideally suited for students who are interested  in preparing for a career and/or further education in agriculture, food or science.

Programme of Study

  • Dietetics
  • Nutrition
  • Food Chemistry
  • Food Processing
  • Microbiology
  • Food Safety and HACCP
  • Communications
  • Laboratory Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Mathematics (Learners may also  have the opportunity to study Maths (5N1833) as an extra module.)

Components subject to change

Entry Requirements

  • Leaving Certificate (minimum of five  06/H7’s or combination of five 06/  H7’s) or its equivalent. Extenuating  circumstances may be considered
  • Leaving Certificate Applied with a  distinction profile to include QQI level  4 Biology
  • Full QQI Level 4 with a distinction  profile and with a science subject
  • Mature Applicants - experience  will be considered in lieu of formal  qualifications

Places are offered following successful  interview. Applicants should have good  basic literacy and mathematical skills.

Career Opportunities

This practical course will allow graduates to potentially set up their own food business  or apply for employment in the agri-food  industry for positions in food production  and management, quality assurance, food  research or food innovation and product  development.

Higher Education Progression*

Graduates are eligible to apply through the CAO and/or the Higher Education Links  Scheme for entry to year one of a range of  higher certificate and degree programmes  at Institutes of Technology and Universities  such as: 

  • IT Tallaght:

Higher Diploma in Food Science and  Technology

BSc. Level 7 in Bioanalysis (TA311)  BSc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • DIT:

Higher Certificate in Food Science and  Management (DT424)

BSc. Level 7 in Food Innovation  (DT7421)

Higher Certificate Food Sales &  Culinary Practice (DT404)

Please note that the courses listed above are  only a select few, many other courses can be  entered using this FETAC award, please visit  www.careersportal.ie for more.

Course Co-Ordinator

Paul Shortall

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